Fermented Foods: Nature’s Delicious Probiotics

Some people seem to think that the term “fermented” sounds vaguely distasteful, or downright inedible. However, research has found fermented foods to be extremely beneficial to your overall health. In fact, some of these functional foods are now .... Read More

Chronic Stress and the Immune System: How Stress Makes It Easier to Get and Stay Sick

In this day it is impossible to not experience stress on a daily basis. Even though our body is exceptionally unique in the way it deals with stress, it does not tolerate chronic stress well. During stressful situations, our adrenal glands .... Read More

Is Stress Literally Making You Sick?

In my clinical experience, patients who are “continually sick” with infections are the ones who have a tendency to suffer from long term low-grade stress. Stress affects the whole body, but is the immune system that is particularly affected by .... Read More