A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season Part 2: Remember what you want

In part one of this blog, I explained how overindulgence in holiday fare can really sabotage the season’s merry and offered suggestions to help you accomplish your health goals, despite the ulterior motives of fruitcakes and gingerbread men. .... Read More

A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season Part 1: Don’t bite off more than you can chew

  Overeating and over-consumption of refined, sugary, fatty, or caffeinated foods and alcohol (all plentiful this time of year) can wreak all sorts of havoc on your body, like: Promoting inflammation Causing weight gain Impairing mood and .... Read More

Healthy Snack Recipes – Sesame Chews, Asparagus & Mushroom Bruschetta, Hummus

The holiday season seems to be the hardest time to stick to healthy eating habits, with cookie plates and potlucks around every corner. When we eat poorly we tend to feel and operate poorly, and who wants that? Here are some nutritious and .... Read More

Snack Doesn’t Have To Be a Bad Word: Healthy and Creative Snack Ideas

The word snack often has bad connotations, reminding us of those things we eat in secret we hope no one else sees. Snacking doesn’t have to be bad; in fact, when snacking properly, you can actually support metabolism, provide yourself with .... Read More

Are We Eating Wrong? The Idea of Big Breakfasts and Small Dinners

Meal Reversal Believe it or not, one of best things we can do for our digestive environment is meal reversal. What this means exactly is eating a larger meal for breakfast, a medium size meal for lunch and a smaller meal for dinner. I have .... Read More

There’s More to Fiber Than a Little Roughage

Fiber, commonly known as roughage, is the part of plant-based foods—such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, or nuts—that the body can’t digest.  Dietary fiber is often divided into two broad types: soluble and insoluble. If you mix soluble .... Read More

Stress and Leaky Gut: Implications and Solutions

Stress has many negative effects on gastrointestinal function, including increased intestinal permeability—otherwise known as “leaky gut.” When a person experiences stress, the brain releases a chemical called corticotrophin releasing factor .... Read More

Digestive Health, Candida and Dysbiosis: The Battle of Good and Bad Bacteria

It’s been estimated that up to 60% of your body’s immune activity is inside your small intestine. Up to 500 species of bacteria, perhaps more, live in your digestive system, and the quality and quantity of each species is determined by many .... Read More

Natural Flu Support: EPS and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

Back to school often means back to the sore throats and muscle aches of colds and flus. However, you don’t have to face the season armed with only crossed fingers and a box of tissues. In fact, there are some natural substances you might not be .... Read More

Vitamin C, Zinc and the Common Cold: Mom Was Right

Sometimes findings in science take us leaps and bounds beyond current knowledge; other times a “big discovery” is something your mother knew long before the scientific data was there to support it. A paper was recently published on one of those .... Read More