Finding Your Happy: 6 Things Proven to Increase Happiness

It’s often argued that happiness is mostly determined by things out of our control, like our genetic makeup. I think this may be true to some degree, but I believe happiness is something we can create on a daily basis. The human mind is a very .... Read More

Stress: It’s All in the Management

Who doesn’t have some stress in their lives now and then? Sure, some of us have more stress present than others, but to some degree we all encounter stress on a daily basis: a traffic jam sending you into a temporary frenzy; spilling a cup of .... Read More

Got Stress or Adrenal Fatigue? You’re Going to Need Good Food

Got Stress or Adrenal Fatigue? You’re Going to Need Good Food As much as we sometimes wish otherwise, proper diet and lifestyle play a critical role in adrenal support. As your adrenal glands respond to stress, the metabolism of your cells .... Read More

Using Probiotics for Digestive Woes and Bowel Movements

What do probiotics have to do with bowel movements? Probiotics are tiny organisms that live and work in your intestines. These friendly bacteria perform many jobs, including food digestion, protecting the balance of intestinal flora, and .... Read More

Gut Health and Helpful Bacteria: It Takes a Villus

Right from childbirth, our bodies came into contact with a plethora of beneficial bacteria. Believe it or not, these helpful bacteria become a part of us as we pass through the birth canal, entering through the mouth and moving quickly into the .... Read More

American Heart Month – The Other February Holiday

February is American Heart Month, and it doesn’t refer to the chocolate-filled hearts you give your sweetie on the 14th. American Heart Month was designed to increase awareness about heart disease—the leading cause of death for men and women in .... Read More

Strength Training – Put a Little Muscle Into It

Benefits of strength training Outside body building circles and high school weight rooms, strength training tends to take a back seat to cardiovascular training. In a national survey, only 25% of all adults in the United States engaged in any .... Read More

Fundamentals of Fitness: Cardiovascular Exercise

People with adrenal fatigue or dysfunction often ask what kind of exercise program is best for them. Suggesting a specific routine without knowing an individual’s medical history, physical limitations, and personal goals is difficult. However, I .... Read More

Getting Fit to Get Happy: Have Fun Moving

Most people with adrenal fatigue don’t even want to think about lifting a dumbbell or climbing a mountain, much less actually do either of these activities. Others with compromised adrenal function miss the added energy and positive feelings .... Read More