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Coping With Grief: Life After Loss

Posted On Oct 25, 2017

Losing someone you love can change your world. You miss the person who has died and want them back. You may feel sad, alone, or even angry. You might have trouble concentrating or sleeping. If you were a busy caregiver, you might feel lost when you’re suddenly faced with lots of unscheduled time. These feelings…

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Do Social Ties Affect Our Health? Exploring the Biology of Relationships

Posted On Oct 05, 2017

Cuddles, kisses, and caring conversations. These are key ingredients of our close relationships. Scientists are finding that our links to others can have powerful effects on our health. Whether with romantic partners, family, friends, neighbors, or others, social connections can influence our biology and well-being. Wide-ranging research suggests that strong social ties are linked to…

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Adrenal Fatigue Could be to Blame for Your Blood Sugar Imbalance

Posted On Sep 21, 2017

Blood sugar management is an ever-increasing problem. Diet is a considerable factor in blood sugar levels, but something that gets overlooked in the discussion are your adrenal glands. These small but mighty glands play a crucial role in both high and low blood sugar. The reason for this is cortisol, one of the hormones secreted…

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It’s a Cold! It’s a Flu! No, it’s Sinusitis.

Posted On Aug 31, 2017

How many people do you know that always seem to be sniffling, clearing their nose or throat, or have a handkerchief up to their nose? Your first instinct may be oh no the cold (ugh!) or the flu (gasp!), but don’t put yourself in that bubble just yet. Sinusitis, also known as post-nasal drip, may…

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The Effects of Stress on Immune Function and Outbreaks

Posted On Aug 09, 2017

Persistent or acute stress and trauma are some of the most common triggers for outbreaks in people with chronic immune efficacy issues. This is largely due to the regulatory control stress hormones have on immune function. Adrenal stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol activate important changes in your immune function because they have the ability…

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Glandular Extract Therapy: How Does it Work?

Posted On Jul 26, 2017

Taking a glandular extract product to improve one’s health is not new by any means. Throughout history, people have used the glands and various other parts of animals for healing purposes. It was known that those who consumed organs and glands from various animals and fish improved their overall health and well-being, especially when it…

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10 Easy Ways to Get Energized

Posted On Jul 06, 2017

Do you sometimes struggle with energy levels throughout the day? If you’re human, chances are you answered with a resounding yes. The good news is there are easy, quick and often free ways to get a quick, clean and healthy energy boost. Eat a Power Snack The word snack often sounds like a bad word….

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Dr. Wilson’s Tips for Healthy and Stress-Free Travel

Posted On Jun 19, 2017

Travelling – whether it’s a drive to the next city or a flight to another country – is inherently stressful for your body, even when the trip is enjoyable. In addition to usual the felt stresses of planning, getting there on schedule, navigating your new surroundings, and protecting your health, there are a number of…

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Using Replacement Hormone Treatment for Adrenal Fatigue

Posted On May 12, 2017

Cortisol as a Treatment Option In some cases of severe adrenal fatigue a short therapeutic course of natural cortisol may be needed. Briefly, if this therapy is necessary, it should be confirmed by special tests such as the combined 24-Hour Urinary Cortisol & ACTH tests. In addition, it is important to remember that corticosteroids suppress adrenal…

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Curb Your Eating: Help Your Brain Fight the Urge to Splurge

Posted On Apr 27, 2017

We make dozens of decisions every day. When it comes to deciding what to eat and feed our families, it can be a lot easier than you might think to make smart, healthy choices. It takes just a little planning. The food we put into our bodies is our fuel. It provides us with nutrients—the…

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