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Fermented Foods: Nature’s Delicious Probiotics

Posted On Nov 16, 2016

Some people seem to think that the term “fermented” sounds vaguely distasteful, or downright inedible. However, research has found fermented foods to be extremely beneficial to your overall health. In fact, some of these functional foods are now even considered to be probiotics, which can help your health in the following ways: Increase your overall…

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Chronic Stress and the Immune System: How Stress Makes It Easier to Get and Stay Sick

Posted On Nov 03, 2016

In this day it is impossible to not experience stress on a daily basis. Even though our body is exceptionally unique in the way it deals with stress, it does not tolerate chronic stress well. During stressful situations, our adrenal glands produce cortisol in response to stress and low level of glucose in the blood….

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Worried Sick: Living with Anxiety Disorders

Posted On Oct 27, 2016

Anxiety is an uneasy feeling that something may harm you or a loved one. This feeling can be normal and sometimes even helpful. If you’re starting a new job or taking a test, it might make you more alert and ready for action. But sometimes anxiety can linger or become overwhelming. When it gets in…

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People: Our Biggest Source of Stress

Posted On Oct 20, 2016

Emotional stresses are the apex stress. Most people consider the physical stresses to be the most toxic to the body (like chemicals, heavy metals, etc.) when in fact it is the constant low-grade emotional stresses that cause us the most harm. In fact, some of the biggest stresses we face involve other people. Most people…

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Is Stress Literally Making You Sick?

Posted On Oct 04, 2016

In my clinical experience, patients who are “continually sick” with infections are the ones who have a tendency to suffer from long term low-grade stress. Stress affects the whole body, but is the immune system that is particularly affected by chronic low-grade stress. In fact, stress-related problems are the root cause of 75 percent to 90…

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The Blood Sugar Seesaw: How Stress Disrupts the Balance

Posted On Sep 15, 2016

Your body and brain depend on balanced levels of blood sugar (glucose) to steadily supply your cells with fuel for energy. Stress normally drives blood sugar up to power a “fight or flight” physical response via the adrenal stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol converts energy stored in your body into glucose so that your blood sugar…

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Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Hypoglycemia

Posted On Sep 01, 2016

The key to a successful hypoglycemia diet lies in its “individualization.” Each one of us is different. Each one of us is biochemically unique. Therefore, every diet must be tailor-made to meet our individual nutritional requirements. Variations come with time and patience, trial and error. Don’t be afraid to listen to your body. It will send…

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Pain, Nausea and Fatigue: Warning Signs of Bigger Health Problems

Posted On Aug 16, 2016

If you are aware of the warning signals that can lead to larger health problems, you can often avoid serious and, sometimes chronic, illnesses. Serious, chronic debilitating illnesses are physically, emotionally and financially draining on the individual, as well as their families and loved ones. We must all learn to read the warning signs and…

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Stop the Spread of Superbugs: Help Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Posted On Aug 03, 2016

For nearly a century, bacteria-fighting drugs known as antibiotics have helped to control and destroy many of the harmful bacteria that can make us sick. But in recent decades, antibiotics have been losing their punch against some types of bacteria. In fact, certain bacteria are now unbeatable with today’s medicines. Sadly, the way we’ve been…

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Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes

Posted On Jul 25, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need gluten to make a great dessert. And, you don’t need to feel ashamed for having dessert every once in a while. For those times we have provided some delicious gluten-free dessert recipes that won’t bust your gut or leave you feeling guilty. Gluten-Free Lemon Yogurt Bread Ingredients: 1/2 Cup…

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