Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome

We have always been told that carbohydrates are the good guys of nutrition and that, if we eat large amounts of them, the world should be a better place. In such a world, the experts tell us there will be no heart disease and no obesity. The .... Read More

Adrenal-Friendly Recipes: Savory Winter Soups

You can’t get much better than a warm bowl of soup on a winter’s day. Soup is such a versatile food that makes a wonderful addition to any meal, or is great alone at lunch or as a light dinner. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for soup. A .... Read More

How Stress Suppresses Your Immune Function

Acute stress temporarily enhances the front line immune defenses that help protect you from infection due to injuries – like bites or scratches received in “fight or flight” – but suppresses all other immune activity. During the stress response, .... Read More

Dr. Bakker’s Guide to High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is created by the force of the heart pumping blood around your body. Blood pressure measures the pressure within your arteries and the resistance your heart has to pump against to get blood to flow around the body. Normal blood .... Read More

Stress and the Cortisol Tightrope

21st Century Stress and Health A certain amount of stress can be healthy, and your body is equipped to handle it. However, the pervasive abundance of stress that most people live with during today’s economic recessions, political upheavals, .... Read More

Hungry? Have Some Healthy Snacks and Treats

The word snack often sounds like a bad word. Truth is, snacks can be a big help. When snacking properly you can actually speed up your metabolism, increase energy, reduce cravings for unhealthy foods, and avoid overeating at meals. During the .... Read More

Reader’s Digestion: The Ins and Outs of Your Wonderful Guts

Your gastrointestinal (GI) system–also known as the digestive system–is a highly organized system of components that includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, rectum and anus. These organs work together to .... Read More