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Food and Environmental Intolerances Questionnaire

Below are common signs and symptoms of food or environmental intolerances. These intolerances affect your body’s ability to function and can contribute to adrenal fatigue. They may or may not show up on allergy tests, but if you have many of these signs and symptoms, your body is likely reacting to one or more substances you are eating, drinking or have been exposed to. Once you determine which substance(s) is bothering you and remove it, you should see improvement, provided that your adrenal glands have the capacity to respond and recover.

Note that the signs and symptoms listed below have more than one cause, and any single sign or symptom is not a direct indication of a food or environmental intolerance. Taken as a group, however, they are very useful indicators of hidden problems affecting your metabolism, and possibly your adrenals.

Check all items that you presently experience.