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A Year in Review: Time to Take Stock of Your Progress


December 25, 2019 | Published by

It’s been a momentous year for us here at Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations! Earlier this year we launched our newest product, Dr. Wilson’s Cortisol Stress Reset. We listened to your feedback on wanting a supplement formulated to help moderate cortisol and enhance relaxation, mood, energy as well as sleep during stress overdrive.*

Though the product is still new, it has so far proved to be a huge success. We’ve heard back from so many of our customers telling us how it’s helped them further deal with the stress in their lives. We also have had many people recommend it to their friends and family suffering from issues associated with stress overdrive.

Another big moment for us was our new label launch. We were quite excited for this redesign and spent a good amount of time getting it just right. The entire team put a ton of work and thought into it, and truly hope you like the new look.

With the launch of a new product and label, or any big project, comes stress. And while we have a wonderful support system here at the company comprised of employees that care about one another, stress can still get the best of us sometimes, especially as we wind up the year.

But today, rather than focus on the stress we’re dealing with right now, we want to consider the progress we’ve made in 2019. We encourage you to think hard about the last year and make a list of all the things you felt you have improved on in 2019.

These do not have to be monumental life changing events, but rather anything you feel has helped you progress toward being a less stressful you. This could be removing toxic people from your life, making amends with friends and family where there may have been acrimony, drinking more water and cutting out some of the sugary drinks, or even trying to be more social.

Anything you’ve done that has helped you grow, reduce stress, or better manage stress, no matter how small, is progress and should be celebrated.

Writing these things down and keeping them can be an inspiring reminder of what you can improve or build upon in the coming year. It shows you that you’re not starting from scratch, and you’ve already come so far! Even if your list is small, made up of one or two things, that may be just what you need to motivate yourself to continue improving your life in the coming year.

And if stress begins (or continues) to wreak havoc on your life, we’ll be here continuing to offer support in the way of helpful blogs, proven supplements, and to answer any questions you have through our Facebook, email, or even directly through the phone at 800-357-5027.

We wish you a fantastic year in 2020!

-The Team at Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations

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