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Foods Containing Common Allergens

Many of the common allergens appear in food products. Always read the ingredients on a product label to be sure they don’t contain a substance you are allergic or sensitive to. However, sometimes complete ingredients are not available. Use the lists in this section as a general guide to foods most likely to contain one of the five most common food allergens. Click on the substance below to see a list of foods likely to contain that substance.


baked goods, bagels, biscuits, bread crumbs, bread, breakfast cereals, cakes, coffee substitutes, cookies, cracker meal, crackers, deep-fried foods (chicken, fish, vegetables, cheese sticks, etc.), dinner rolls, doughnuts, dumplings, ice cream cones and sandwiches, gravy, hamburgers, hot dogs, luncheon meats, malt, muffins, pancakes, pasta (macaroni, spaghetti, lasagna, etc.), pies, pizza, salad dressing, sauces that have been thickened but are opaque (e.g. cream sauce), soups, soy sauce, stuffing, Swiss steak, waffles


adhesives (envelopes, labels, stickers, tapes, stamps), any products that contain cornmeal, corn flour, corn oil, cornstarch, corn sugar, corn syrup or sorbitol, aspirin, bacon, baking powder (most), bath or body powder, beer, ale, gin, whisky, biscuits, Bisquick and other ready-made mixes, breads (commercial), brown sugar, cake, pancake and pie mixes, candied fruit, candy, canned fruits (sweetened), canned or bottled juice drinks, capsules, carob (CaraCoa), cereals (presweetened), coffee (instant), confectioner’s sugar, cookies, corn kernels, corn cereal, corn chips, cornmeal, corn oil and anything fried in it, cornstarch, corn sugar, corn syrup, cottage cheese (thickened), cranberry juice (some), custards, doughnuts, dried fruits (sweetened), Fritos and other corn chips, frostings, frozen fruits (sweetened), fruit desserts, graham crackers, gravies, ham (cured), hominy, hot dogs, ice cream, infant formulas (Enfamil, Similac, Advance, Portagen, Lofenalac, Isomil, Prosobee, Nursoy Powder [not liquid], Soyalac [not I-Soyalac], Pedialyte, Hydrolyzed casein, Nutramigen, Progestimil), jellies and gelatin mixes, luncheon meats, maize, milk in paper containers, monosodium glutamate (MSG), ointments, oleomargarine, orange juice (some frozen or sweetened), paper cups, cartons, plates and any liquids contained in them, peanut butter (commercial sweetened), pie fillings, plastic food wrappers (some), popcorn, puddings, sandwich spreads, sauces that have been thickened but are transparent (e.g. Chinese style), sausages, sorbitol, succotash, suppositories, tablets (most medicinal), tea (instant), toothpastes/powders, vitamins (some), yogurt (thickened or sweetened)

Eggs (Albumen)

baked goods (cakes, cookies, muffins, some pies, etc.), some bread, candy and coffee, creamed foods, croquettes, crusts (if shiny bread, etc.), custards, egg whites, powdered or dried egg, French toast, fritters, frostings, ice cream (Bavarian, custard, French vanilla), mayonnaise, meringue, mousse, quiche, root beer, salad dressing, sauces (hollandaise), sausage, souffle, soups (some)


breaded meat, fish or poultry, butter, casein or caseinate (milk protein), cheese, cream, custard, egg replacers, half-and-half, high calcium cereals, hot dogs, ice cream, ice milk, instant cocoa preparations, lactalbumen, lactoglobulin, lactose (milk sugar), luncheon meats, margarines (some), mashed, creamed, au gratin or scalloped dishes, Non-dairy substitutes such as Coffee-Mate, Prem, and Cool Whip, omelets, scrambled eggs, sherbet, sour cream, soy cheese (if it contains casein), whey, whipped topping, whipped cream, yogurt


adhesives, animal fodder, automobile parts, blankets, candles, celluloid, cloth, cosmetics, Crisco, dog and cat food (some), enamel, fertilizer, glycerin, ice cream and ice milk, infant soy formulas (Soyalac, I- Soyalac, Nursoy, Isomil, and Prosobee), infant milk formulas (Enfamil, SMA, Similac, Advance, Portagen, Alimentum, Good Start), lecithin, linoleum, liquid protein foods, margarine (Mrs. Filbert’s soft, Land O’Lakes, Imperial, Parkay, Promise, Farmdale, Blue Bonnet, Mazola), massage oils and creams, non-dairy products, oils, paint, paper sizing and finishes, protein bars and powders, Pam and other cooking sprays, processed cheese, sherbet, soap, soybeans, soy oil, soy sauce, soy nuts, soy noodles, soy protein, soy sprouts, soy ice cream, soy milk, soy yogurt

A major portion of this list comes from Doris J. Rapp, M.D., Is This Your Child? William Morrow, New York, 1991.