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Get to Know Your Adrenal Glands

Posted On Nov 23, 2020

The last, but certainly not least, part in our Get to Know Your HPA Axis series is the adrenal glands (we previously covered the hypothalamus and pituitary). If you’ve ever experienced stress or adrenal fatigue, you certainly know about the adrenal glands. But just how much do you know about the ‘glands of stress?’ Location…

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Get to Know Your Pituitary Gland

Posted On Nov 17, 2020

Now that we’ve discussed the hypothalamus, let’s move on to the pituitary gland. The pituitary is also quite small (about the size of a pea) but controls most of the glands in the endocrine system, earning the nickname “the master gland.” How can something so small be so powerful? Let’s find out! Location of the…

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Get to Know Your Hypothalamus Gland

Posted On Nov 11, 2020

Your hypothalamus gland is about the size of an almond, but you wouldn’t know it from the big responsibilities it has. For starters, this small but mighty gland is part of the HPA axis, which controls the body’s stress response system. If you experience stress (in other words, if you’re human), you’ll want to know…

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Is Stress the Cause of your Increased Inflammation?

Posted On Oct 27, 2020

Is stress the ultimate blessing and curse combination? On one hand stress can inspire us, push us to accomplish things we believe ourselves uncapable of, and survive a life or death situation. On the other hand, stress can be debilitating and harmful to our wellbeing. But how exactly does stress lead to sickness? The main…

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Discover the Power of Journaling to Help Stress and Anxiety

Posted On Oct 21, 2020

Various aspects of each of our lives comes with different stressors. For teenagers, this may mean stress due to the anxiety of making new friends, peer pressure, and deadlines for schoolwork. Adults often struggle with the stress of unpaid bills, toxic colleagues, destructive relationships and marriages, and unemployment. Older individuals may have to deal with…

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The Power of Saying No

Posted On Oct 14, 2020

The word “yes” can be a powerful and uplifting tool that can help not only ourselves but others as well. Saying yes can give us courage and even support healthy risk-taking. But while “no” is often seen as a negative statement, it’s benefits shouldn’t be underestimated. Negativity is a persistent attitude and “no” is a…

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Easing Back to School Stress in 2020

Posted On Oct 07, 2020

It’s not unusual for kids to feel anxious about going back to school, especially after an extended break. They may also be stressed about online lessons and being able to keep up. Recognizing the symptoms of anxiety and stress can make the back to school transition smoother for parents and children alike.1 Causes for stress…

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Is Your Eczema Out of Control? Stress Could be to Blame

Posted On Sep 23, 2020

Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition consisting of a rash-like appearance. There are many triggers for eczema, including: overly dry skin; bacterial, viral, and fungal infections; and irritants such as metals, cigarette smoke, fragrances, and fabrics like wool and polyester. Another trigger for eczema is stress.1 How Does Stress Worsen Eczema Symptoms?…

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Dealing with the Stress of Working from Home

Posted On Sep 16, 2020

Workplace burnout isn’t exclusive to people who put in long hours at the office. It’s also a threat to the millions of people currently working from home. In fact, in a recent Monster survey, 51% of respondents acknowledged experiencing burnout while working from home.1 Burnout happens when you face higher levels of stress over an…

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Is Your Immune System Preventing You from Losing Weight?

Posted On Sep 02, 2020

Are you following a commonsense diet and still not losing weight? Is your exercise plan not producing the results you’d expect to see? Is the number on the scale staying the same (or perhaps going up) despite your best efforts? You’re not alone, and the culprit could be your own immune system. Yes, the complex…

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