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Resolution and the New Year: A Measure of Quality (How to Decrease Stress without Adding More) Part 2

Posted On Jan 03, 2012

3. Sharpen your focus Now that you’ve chosen a focal point, fine tune the lens even more. Make sure the image of what you’re trying to attain is clear in your mind. The clearer the vision, the easier it is for your subconscious to help you bring that vision to fruition and the less stress…

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Resolution and the New Year: A Measure of Quality (How to Decrease Stress without Adding More) Part 1

Posted On Dec 29, 2011

January 1st is the day the western world has chosen to commemorate the journey of our planet’s revolution around the sun. It has also become “The Day” to set goals for the coming year. Again and again, health-related resolutions hover at the top of the list: losing weight, getting more exercise, stopping smoking. For people…

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Stress Management at Any Age: Part 3

Posted On Dec 19, 2011

Dealing With Stress At Any Age In Your 20s The Top Tensions: Trying to establish your career and climbing the corporate ladder; forming a meaningful relationship with a significant other Stress Solutions: Stress management expert Meiron Lees said that during your 20s you need to build the confidence to handle life’s ups and downs. “Every…

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Stress Management at Any Age: Part 2

Posted On Dec 15, 2011

Dr. James Wilson once told me that some people, because they have become so addicted to that rush of adrenalin in their lives, feel the need to go sky diving or bungee jumping just to feel great. We live in times when faster, quicker and instant gratification has become the norm. Nobody wants to wait…

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Stress Management at Any Age: Part 1

Posted On Dec 13, 2011

Did you know that chronic low-grade stress is far worse for your health than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or drinking excessive alcohol? It is amazing how many patients I have seen in my naturopathic practice who just don’t recognize that they actually are stressed or develop the signs and symptoms of an…

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Tips for De-Stressing the Holidays

Posted On Dec 09, 2011

Ah, the holidays – cozy fires, smiling snowmen, warm candles, frosty nights, and joyful singing all around is the holiday image portrayed in movies. Unfortunately for many, the reality falls far short of the ideal. Instead, the holidays are instead filled with multiple round trips to the mall, a marathon of parties, and intense pressure…

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Eating Right For Your Adrenal Glands, Part 4: Salt, Aldosterone and Adrenal Fatigue

Posted On Dec 05, 2011

Salt, aldosterone and adrenal fatigue People with adrenal fatigue may crave salt or salty foods like potato chips, olives, crackers, pretzels or savory foods in general, and many patients are surprised when I tell them to honor this craving. Yes, salt can increase blood pressure but only in the rare few, and low blood pressure…

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Thoughts for Stepping Into the Holidays with Adrenal Fatigue

Posted On Dec 02, 2011

Looking forward to the New Year with optimism doesn’t always come easy for those with adrenal fatigue. In the midst of the holiday’s social gatherings, late nights, rich food, and magnified financial considerations, stress can affect even the heartiest person. Everyone has a different capacity to handle stress, and that capacity varies over time and…

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Eating Right For Your Adrenal Glands, Part 3: What You Eat

Posted On Dec 01, 2011

Coffee and adrenal fatigue – A common fatigue combo Coffee shops are a ubiquitous part of the landscape of many developed countries. Many men and women with adrenal fatigue drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages in increasing amounts throughout the day just to stay pepped up and awake. They may think it’s not affecting their…

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Eating Right For Your Adrenal Glands, Part 2: Timing Your Meals and Snacks

Posted On Nov 28, 2011

First and foremost: Timing your meals and snacks One thing I often tell my patients is to never allow themselves to skip meals or to get too hungry. Low blood sugar by itself places a major stress on your body and can really tax your adrenal glands. You may not realize that your body is in constant need…

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