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Eating Right For Your Adrenal Glands, Part 1

Posted On Nov 23, 2011

A Healthy Life Depends on Healthy Adrenal Function As the great balancer of about 50 hormones in the body, the adrenal glands have a broad impact on your health and energy. The adrenals are primarily responsible for activating your stress (“fight or flight”) response, shifting energy away from restorative processes like digestion and toward the…

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“Start Low and Go Slow” with Supplements for Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

Posted On Nov 15, 2010

Some people experiencing adrenal fatigue may notice that they feel a little worse after beginning a dietary supplement program designed for stress and adrenal support. This can feel like a cold or flu that never quite comes to fruition, achiness or being “slightly under the weather.” There are several reasons this can happen specifically when…

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The Secrets to Fighting Fatigue with Food

Posted On Jun 09, 2010

By Rosanna Commisso First of all – why increase your Chi and what are the benefits of having healthy, free flowing Chi? Chi is energy. Energy is necessary for life. It’s what gives you your spark and keeps you firing on all cylinders. To be healthy, your Chi must be plentiful and circulate easily. If…

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Dietary Supplements: Herbs, Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

Posted On Apr 23, 2010

Herbs for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue Certain herbs that promote healthy adrenal function can be very beneficial during adrenal fatigue. The best herbs for supporting and reinvigorating the adrenals are adaptogenic ones that have a normalizing effect on the adrenal glands. They revitalize fatigued adrenals without over-stimulating them and help the body cope more effectively…

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Adrenal Fatigue – A Chi Perspective

Posted On Mar 26, 2010

By Rosanna Commisso What are the Adrenals? To understand the importance of the adrenals in your body’s response to stress, let’s start by looking at what your adrenals glands do. Your adrenal glands are essential to life as they help you cope with all types of stress. As part of the endocrine system, their role…

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Bad Marriage Raises Stress Levels For Men and Women

Posted On Mar 19, 2010

Your relationship could be literally killing you, and it may be more important to fix a bad marriage than fix a time with your doctor for that next check-up. A recent study has shown that men and women who are in bad marriages take that stress to work with them, thereby increasing their risk of…

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Dietary Supplements: Minerals, Stress & the Adrenal Glands

Posted On Mar 05, 2010

Mineral nutrients are the inorganic elements found in food that are essential to health. They play important roles in the body’s tissue structure and biochemistry, and work with vitamins in enzyme activity. Dietary minerals are generally classified according to the amount required each day as the following: Macro Minerals: More than 100 mg/day Micro Minerals:…

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Dietary Supplements: B Vitamins and the Adrenal Glands

Posted On Feb 27, 2010

Why You Need Vitamins During Stress and Adrenal Fatigue Commonly, people experiencing adrenal fatigue are not taking in sufficient essential nutrients to meet the increased nutritional demands of stress. When your adrenal glands respond to stress, the metabolism of your cells speeds up, burning through many times the amount of nutrients normally needed. By the…

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Morning Cortisol Levels

Posted On Feb 08, 2010

Medical professionals would do well to look at their fatigued patients in terms of their morning cortisol levels. By allowing their patient’s adrenal glands to function at optimal levels, cortisol levels become normalized, allowing their bodies to more effectively regulate blood sugar levels optimizing not only energy production, but optimizing health and wellness in general….

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Minimizing Adrenal Fatigue & Letdown After a Stressful Event

Posted On Jan 20, 2010

The letdown that almost invariably follows an illness, a stressful event or even the holiday season is largely attributable to adrenal fatigue. However, with proper adrenal support you can often minimize or avoid the letdown and maintain a healthy ability to handle stress. To understand why letdown occurs, it is helpful to know a little about…

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