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The Stress of Commuting

Posted On May 29, 2019

Long commutes can be tiring and frustrating, but recent research has shown that these lengthy travel times can also have detrimental effects on our health. Whether it be a seemingly endless crawl through traffic in your car, multiple transfers across the city via bus, or the expense of ride share services, commutes to work can…

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The Art of the Staycation

Posted On May 24, 2019

Anyone from any walk of life can feel the effects of stress. And while it’s important to manage stress in order to avoid the dangerous effects of chronic stress, sometimes jumping on a plane for a relaxing trip to The Bahamas just isn’t in the cards. For many people, this is because they already live…

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8 Tips to Reduce Travel Stress

Posted On May 16, 2019

With summer on the horizon, vacation season has officially arrived. Unfortunately, even time we set aside to relax can bring its own stressors. Here are 8 travel stress relieving tips to help make your vacation the relaxing trip you deserve. Consider your work schedule If working a fulltime job, it can sometimes be difficult to…

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Mental Vacations: A Different Kind of Trip

Posted On May 08, 2019

While we all need a vacation from time to time, sometimes taking one might not be an option. For many people, the opportunity to get on a plane or get in a car and take a trip is not always possible. You may be too stressed to travel, or work won’t allow the time off….

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Stress in the Political Environment

Posted On Apr 24, 2019

Whether it is the 2017 results of the presidential election, trust in our government, or even the future of our nation, today’s political landscape can often feel like a minefield of unavoidable stress. An annual American Psychological Association survey shows that political concerns transcend age, race, creed, and caste, although the amount of stress we…

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Stress and the Mind

Posted On Apr 17, 2019

One of the biggest ways stress affects us is through how we cope with mental obstacles. Both stress and anxiety are seen as enemies of the mind but are both natural parts of being human. In small amounts, stress and anxiety can actually be healthy and help us overcome tough situations. So, when does stress…

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Stress and Your World: Stress at Home

Posted On Apr 10, 2019

The home should be thought of as a solace, a place to escape the stresses of work and life. Unfortunately, many people feel more stressed at home than at work, according to a study by Sarah Damaske, Associate Professor of Labor and Employment Relations and Sociology at Penn State University. (1) The biggest complaints given…

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Stress and Your World: The Workplace

Posted On Apr 02, 2019

Stress permeates every area of your life, whether you’re aware or not. The workplace is one such area where stress may be a bigger factor than you realize. In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that stress is the leading workplace health problem, coming out ahead of physical inactivity and obesity. Stress…

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Stress and the Signs of Aging

Posted On Mar 25, 2019

While stress certainly makes your life more difficult, research shows that chronic stress can make your lifespan shorter as well. Inside all of us are chromosomes made up of packages of genetic DNA, and recent studies have a lot to say about how stress can affect a specific part of those chromosomes and how it…

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Stress and Your Skin

Posted On Mar 19, 2019

There is a strong connection between stress and your skin’s health. This connection has only become stronger as science has shed new light onto how stress affects your body. Recent studies show that at least 30% of dermatology patients also have unaddressed underlying psychological issues, which, if addressed, can have a profound impact in promoting…

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