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Dental Health

Unresolved dental problems are common, but often unrecognized, sources of stress and adrenal fatigue. These include tooth abscesses, cracked or decayed teeth, root canals with sub-acute infections, gingivitis and other gum infections, improperly extracted teeth with smoldering infections in the socket where the tooth used to be, mercury fillings leaking into the body, dental materials that provoke sensitivities, and poor dental work that irritates the teeth, gums or inside of the cheek. The use of mercury amalgams has been a continual, yet vehemently denied, potential source of toxicity. Mercury is a specific toxin for the adrenal glands, directly suppressing adrenal hormone output.

If adrenal fatigue symptoms started within a few months of having particular dental work done, the dental work might be an important factor affecting adrenal function. We recommend having your teeth checked by a dentist who offers alternatives to amalgam (silver) fillings, and who practices dentistry with an awareness of the importance of the mouth and teeth to overall health.