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Feeling Drained? Get Rid of Those Energy Robbers


May 29, 2014 | Published by


Imagine your energy is stored in a barrel. Energy robbers are holes in that barrel, letting energy leak out and making it hard to keep full. It would seem silly to keep demanding more and more energy from your body instead of just plugging as many of the holes as possible. Every time you eliminate or minimize one of these energy robbers, it is like plugging one of the holes in the barrel, allowing your energy reserves to rebuild. As you become aware of and eliminate what is robbing you of your energy, you will see significant differences. Let’s learn how to recognize these people, places and things.

Energy Robbing People

As you go about your day, notice if there are certain people in your life that seem to make you feel more tired, listless, helpless, frustrated, angry or fatigued when you are around them. It may be a casual acquaintance, a social friend, or even a relative, spouse or parent. People you feel drained by or feel worse after coming into contact with are energy robbers in some way, even if by accident. In fact, they are seldom aware of the effect they are having on you. At this point what matters is identifying those who have this effect.

What if someone you are close with is an energy robber? If it is a partner, tell him or her that there are certain times he or she takes away your energy and during those times you need to minimize your contact. You might work out a signal to let him or her know when they are robbing you of your energy so they can stop. If it is someone you cannot easily communicate with, which is in itself a sign of an energy robbing situation, you must do what you can on your own. If this is pervasive throughout your relationship, you should rethink this relationship. Patients often tell me that they feel guilty for minimizing their contact with friends or family members even when that person is robbing them of their energy.  It is important to realize that nobody has a right to your energy and health.

Being aware of the energy suckers in your life will allow you to change how you interact with them. Changing your social contacts is sometimes the key to tipping the scales in your favor for recovery. No matter how many right things you put into your body and your lifestyle, their positive effects can be undermined by too much contact with people who leave you feeling drained. Therefore, if you look at your life and you find that energy suckers are a factor, it is important to do something about it. If they are people you know casually or have little contact with, you should consider eliminating them altogether from your life. If you find that someone is robbing you of your energy during a particular interaction, end your contact as quickly as possible at that time.

Energy Robbers at Work and Home

If you feel weakened or drained by home or work conditions, it is usually specific aspects of these that are the energy robbers, not the entire situation. Particular duties, tasks, hours, environmental factors or people may zap your energy. You might feel great while working with clients but exhausted while preparing reports, or full of energy outdoors but tired soon after you get to work.

Sometimes, the solution needs to be rather unconventional. For example, I know of one company president who was overwhelmed with work. He identified phone calls as being one of the chief energy robbers in his life. It was not so much that each phone call was draining him, but that the calls so frequently interrupted his other tasks that it was hard to get things done. His solution, though radical, was to not answer the phone at all. Instead, he let the answering machine take all of his messages. He set aside two times during the day to return phone calls, and returned them as briefly as possible. Whenever possible, he delegated the return phone call to someone else in his office to further minimize the negative impact of the task that drained him.

Energy Robbers in Your Food and Environment

You might think of the environment as the great outdoors but the environment that concerns us in this book is what is all around you. It includes things like the lighting in your home and workplace, cooling and heating, air quality, the fabrics, fragrances and cosmetic preparations you wear, and the many other details of your daily surroundings. These factors and the particular foods you eat can be serious energy robbers that drain your adrenal resources. If you feel groggy or tired in particular locations or clothing, or after eating certain foods, or around some odors and fragrances, then examine which foods and environmental factors are energy robbers for you. Removing or changing the offending items can do a lot to alleviate these body burdens and free up your energy.

Dr. James L. WilsonAbout the Author: With a researcher’s grasp of science and a clinician’s understanding of its human impact, Dr. Wilson has helped many physicians understand the physiology behind and treatment of various health conditions. He is acknowledged as an expert on alternative medicine, especially in the area of stress and adrenal function. Dr. Wilson is a respected and sought after lecturer and consultant in the medical and alternative healthcare communities in the United States and abroad. His popular book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome has been received enthusiastically by physicians and the public alike, and has sold over 400,000 copies. Dr. Wilson resides with his family in sunny Tucson, Arizona.


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