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Improving Your Adrenal Function to Reduce Inflammation


June 20, 2013 | Published by

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This is a continuation of a previous article – Click here to read Part 1 on the link between inflammation, adrenal function and autoimmune disorders

With inflammation, it is in your best interest to improve your adrenal function to its maximum potential. Let’s look at 3 key ways to achieve this:

1: Diet and Lifestyle

One of the best ways to reduce inflammation in the more immediate sense is to change your diet and lifestyle.  If you follow a healthy and balanced diet, you may know the importance of avoiding pro-inflammatory foods and drinks. It is best that you follow a low-inflammatory diet for some time. The pro-inflammatory foods to avoid are alcohol, sodas, candy, red meat, take-out foods, potato chips, deep fried foods, and processed foods in general. You may like to acquaint yourself with the diet outlined in Dr. Wilson’s book, Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome. Dr. Wilson has 42 pages on diet and nutrition in the book and I’d recommend you read this section.

Many patients in my clinical experience were found to have added toxic exposure from household cleaners and detergents, various drugs including non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), steroids and antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides, personal care products, petrochemicals, and many more potential toxins. I have found that liver and bowel detoxification is often necessary in most cases when patients show chronic low-grade inflammation. Detoxification allows your body to reduce its toxic burden, reducing the load on an already overburdened immune system.

Any diet high in pro-inflammatory foods, coupled with a lifestyle high in stress and chemical exposure, will most always set the scene for leaky gut syndrome (LGS), and LGS will often pave the way for inflammation and set the stage for autoimmunity, a disease of “no known cause.” This is why Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Program has a strong focus on diet and lifestyle modifications. Lifestyle recommendations most always include stress-reduction recommendations specific to the patient. Many patients in our clinic have benefited tremendously from the advice this book contains.

2: Focal Infections

The second point is to be on the lookout for any hidden or focal infections. Many patients I have seen have dead or diseased teeth (root canals), mercury toxicity, or a low-grade infection or inflammatory response involving the ileocaecal valve, bowel pockets, candidiasis, SIBO (small bowel overgrowth), low grade infection of the tonsils, appendix or gum issues in the mouth. If in doubt, have it checked out.

3: Treat Adrenal Fatigue

Thirdly, I suspect and treat adrenal fatigue in any patient who has low grade or a chronic inflammation. But before you consider adrenal treatment, I’d like you to seriously consider using the most clinically effective and value for money adrenal fatigue products in the business, products formulated by the doctor who coined the phrase “adrenal fatigue” and who has devoted his entire professional life to clinical adrenal fatigue practice and research, a well respected clinician who has developed the most clinically effective adrenal fatigue treatment protocol in our industry. Since its inception in early 2007, Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue program has set the standard how countless healthcare professionals now treat patients in their clinics both throughout Australia, New Zealand as well in many countries throughout the world since the early 1990’s.

My clinic has now treated almost 6,000 patients utilizing Dr. Wilson’s unique protocols, and we have seen many remarkable outcomes in many autoimmune patients, and in many cases even an actual cessation of steroidal drugs. Yes, it is possible to lessen your dependence on steroids and improve your condition, regardless of how severe your condition is, particularly if you carefully follow the three-point approach above. I would recommend that you visit your healthcare professional who is familiar with Dr. Wilson’s program, especially if you are tired of just treating the symptoms and want to finally address the root causes of your inflammation.

dr eric bakkerAbout the Author: Eric Bakker B.H.Sc. (Comp.Med), N.D, R.Hom. is a highly experienced naturopathic physician who has been in clinical practice for 25 years. Eric is passionate about improving people’s lives through proven wellness and lifestyle principles, natural medicine practice as well as public and professional practitioner education. Eric specialises in candida yeast infections, as well as adrenal fatigue, and thyroid disorders. Dr. Bakker has written one of the most comprehensive books on yeast infections called Candida Crusher. Website:  You can complete his online survey to determine if you have a yeast infection here, or link through to his many You Tube videos:  Dr. Bakker’s Blog:

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  • Brenda says:

    I went to a naturopath who tested my cortisol levels by measuring saliva. The test was negative. But I am quite sure taht I have adrenal fatigue. I also have psoriatic arthritis and hashimotos thyroiditis. I see that you are talking about supplements in this article. What supplements do you recommend that I try. My arthritis is currently in remission, so I am not taking any NSAIDs at this point.

  • Hi Brenda,
    Cortisol may be up, down or sometimes even in the “normal” range with Hashimotos, it does not always necessarily have to be very high or low when tested. Selenium is an important supplement with Hashimotos, research has found that 200mcg/day can reduce TPO and ATA antibodies substantially within 4 – 6 months. See your doctor who understands the relationship between adrenals and auto-immune thyroid conditions, a good doctor can make a huge difference. Most all auto-immune thyroid patients benefit substantially from Dr. Wilson’s AF Program, and take a look at Thyro-Balance from Dr. Wilson as well. All the best, Eric Bakker ND

  • I did the Candida test, the final step didn´t show. I got a page in white and no results. I answered severe and yes to mostt of the questions so I expected to get an advice on what to do and… nothing! what can I do?

    • Carmen says:

      Research, Candida Diet on “Google” Good,good luck. I’ve had it for over 20 years. It’s a real bugger to get rid of, I once got rid of it when I had an infection in the hospital.They put me on Clyndamician 3 times a day for 3 days. Unfortunately I got it back and my Doctor didn’t believe in Candida so I’ve suffered since.

  • I did the Candida yeast test and as a final step I got a page in blank. Nothing showed. I´m sure I´m in the highest point of the scale with most of the question with positive answers and severity of symptoms I expected some advice or something about how to get well. I hope you can help.

  • Pete says:

    After reading the article I was wondering if common fungal skin infections (e.g. athlete’s foot) could also strain the adrenals/body. Does such an infection also evoke some sort of reaction from the immune system?

    • Hi Pete,

      Normally, such infections wouldn’t strain the adrenals, but even simple infections could prove to be a burden to already fatigued adrenals. Basically, anything that triggers the inflammation response could place a burden on already overtaxed adrenal glands. Hope this helps – thanks for your question!

      Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Team

      • Mags says:

        Will treating the adrenal fatigue also help to heal any candida and fungal infections in the body?

        • Hi again Mags,

          Adrenal fatigue can hamper progress in certain areas, so supporting the adrenals may help in a secondary fashion. Typically, candida and other infections need to also be addressed directly–sometimes even before addressing the adrenals. Many of the things you can do to counter candida can support the adrenals as well, such as diet and lifestyle modifications.

  • Gary L Chafin says:

    Advice Request: I recently went on cortisone for lower back pain. While on this medication my head aches stopped, my feet stopped swelling up, my lower back pain almost disappeared, my neck pain did disappear, several body aches that I attributed to getting older cleared up, my rosacea cleared up, my energy levels shot through the roof, my mental acuity dramatically increase, I have not felt this good in 20 years. What could this indicate? Adrenal fatigue? My doctor then took me off of this drug, cold turkey and I went through withdraw. He then stepped me down and everything has come back just like before. It is crushing to know that I can be that healthy and not be able to continue taking cortisone. What are my options?

  • Marika Soelkner says:

    Dear Dr. Wilson,
    I am writing you from Austria, a country in the Middle Europe. I had adrenal fatique for many years but I didnt know it and I got the diagnosis Morbus Addison after the Addison crisis last year in November. I am 32 years old. I was used to do sport but it is no more possible due to the medicines I have to take every day.
    I take 20 mg Hydrocortone in the morning at 8 am plus Astonin H 0,1 mg Fludrocortisone at 8 am plus Euthyrox 75 mg for thyroid glands in the morning (diagnosis Hashimoto thyreoiditis when I was 20 years old) plus 10 mg Hydrocortone at 4 pm. I have a sore throat very often, I catch a cold often. I do not know what should I do to avoid catching a cold, a sore throat. I thing this ist due to the Hydrocortone or what do you thing? I like salt in my dishes, I would say I eat healthy food, drink no coffee, no spirit. My weight is all right but my wish is to be healthy without frequent respiratory diseases as I would like to become a nurse.
    P.S. i take selenium tab for my thyroid gland every day 200 mg.
    I would be very grateful if you answer my mail. Maybe you can give me helpful information.
    Best wishes,
    Marika Soelkner

  • Preet says:

    This past August I experienced severe reactions to gasoline and diesel exhaust. My face gets numb along with my lips and my chest/lungs feel tight. I also have sensitivities to cleaning products that I never had before. In October my doctor gave me the saliva test for my adrenal and it shows that I have adrenal fatigue (Maladapted phase 2). My question is are my reactions to the car exhaust related to the adrenal fatigue and will it go away once my adrenal levels are back to normal. How long does this usually take?
    Thanks for your feedback.

    • Hi Preet,

      Adrenal fatigue may bring on or exacerbate certain conditions, such as allergies and sensitivities. If your heightened sensitivity to gasoline and diesel exhaust has been brought on by adrenal fatigue, it’s possible that supporting the adrenals may decrease this sensitivity. It’s difficult to say how long this will take, but like all side effects of adrenal fatigue it tends to improve over time with support. Of course, there are other body burdens and conditions that can hamper improvement in adrenal fatigue, like certain thyroid conditions and autoimmune conditions, which would likely need to be addressed separately. One thing you can do is keep a progress journal, which can help track your progress. For example, if you were to give your sensitivity to exhaust a score of 1-10, you could measure it over time. Hope this helps-please let us know if you have any followup questions. Thanks for writing!

  • Jo Park says:

    I have RA which has been out of control for four years now, I’m on serious immune suppressants. I have all the symptoms of severe adrenal fatigue and I’ve been trying to treat it but a lot of the recommended herbs are also immune stimulating and are not recommended with auto immune conditions. (Ashwagandha/rhodiola).
    I desperately need help and feel at the end of my rope!
    How can you treat this debilitating condition while trying to deal with autoimmune disease?

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