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Is Your Microbiome Cycle Affecting Your Weight?


July 14, 2020 | Published by

Fungi, hormones and fascia… OH MY!

By guest author Ashley Black

The short answer is YES! Your microbiome and your connective tissue (fascia) have everything to do with your weight. I have a lot to say about the microbiome and fascia, but for this blog I want to focus on two concepts:

  1. How the microbiome can signal for us to gain weight and fat
  2. The missing link in the entire nutrient absorption process—the fascia

Ashley Black blow testI am sharing my story because I feel it is my duty to educate others in my situation! I’ve had over a 20-year career in weight control but nothing prepared me for my microbiome to make me gain weight. Having extensive knowledge of diet and exercise was not enough to reverse the damage. After seeing my before pics for 2018 for the New Year New You challenge I knew something was wrong. Not only had I gained weight but I was swollen, exhausted, and looked sick.

You can imagine how difficult it was to be a public figure and not having control over my body. Later in 2018, I met Dr. Lizano who tested me for bacterial overgrowth, seen here in the blow test. The test results were shocking, but I am so happy this happened to me because I know this has to be happening to so many of my users! It took over a year for me to feel normal, but I am very hopeful about my future health and I am grateful for the bumpy road that led me here to write this blog.

Ashley Black before afterSo …. What Is the MicroBiome?

The microbiome is a community of microorganisms including fungi, archaea, protists and bacteria that reside on and within the skin and every organ system that is connected to the outside world. This includes the digestive tract, the respiratory tract, and the urogenital tract. Many simply refer to all three of these systems as “gut health”, but it is far more complex than that.

For perspective, the human body contains TRILLIONS of these microorganisms that outnumber our human cells by approximately 10 to 1. However, because of their incredibly small size they only make up 3% or less of our body mass. So for every 100 pounds a person weighs, around 3 pounds of the total weight is bacteria of the microbiome. Yikes!

The synergistic coexistence of microbiome and the human body is now considered to be a SUPERORGANISM!

I say this so dramatically because the microbiome is soooooo important for overall health and weight management. It is, in its most simple sense, your command center. You could be eating healthy, meditating, sleeping well and exercising, but if the microbiome and the fascia are out of balance, you’re basically, well…screwed! Sadly, I know from personal experience, which I will share later.

OK, so how does the microbiome make us gain weight even if we’re eating health consciously and doing all the “right things”? Well, we have been taught to believe that when we eat, the stomach acid breaks down food. Then the food is sent to the intestines and digestive enzymes break It down further. Then the food with its nutrients is sent to the blood which delivers the “good stuff” to our cells, right? WRONG! We’re missing a big part of the equation here–– the MICROBIOME.

The microbiome has many functions, but a big part of its role is to perform the final and very important stage of digestion, breaking down our food into the tiniest bits to be absorbed, which determines the very health of our cells!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this fun and informative blog!

Ashley Black is the #1 best-selling author and inventor of the myofascial tool phenomenon the FasciaBlaster®. Determined this would not be her fate, she developed her own coping mechanisms to control her flare-ups and found that food charting, hot and cold baths, self-massaging, stretching, and strength training were effective means of pain management.

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