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Pain, Nausea and Fatigue: Warning Signs of Bigger Health Problems


August 16, 2016 | Published by

If you are aware of the warning signals that can lead to larger health problems, you can often avoid serious and, sometimes chronic, illnesses. Serious, chronic debilitating illnesses are physically, emotionally and financially draining on the individual, as well as their families and loved ones. We must all learn to read the warning signs and take heed when our body starts to warn us of impending ill health.

There is no such thing as an “isolated” health problem in your body. All illness, diseases, and symptoms of ill-health are related. Your disease did not develop overnight; it took time to develop.

Western evidence based medicine will encourage you to treat any symptom as an isolated incident, without determining the root cause of the symptom. This will not lead to a cessation and will ultimately mask the real cause of your health problems.

Pain: Signs of a Body in Crisis

A headache, neck ache, backache, leg cramps, menstrual cramps; pain of any kind, is an indication of body crisis.  When your body is in crisis, some of the warning signs it will give you may include:

Abdominal pain or cramps

Acne and other skin disorders

Anal itching


Bad breath

Bladder or urination problems


Body aches and pains

Bowel movements that do not float

Breathing disorders

Chronic tiredness


Diarrhea and/or constipation


Dry/oily hair

Dry/oily skin

Ear infections

Fevers, night sweats


Foggy head

Frequent sore throat


Hemorrhoids and/or protruding rectum

Hiatus hernia

Hormonal imbalance

Indigestion or incomplete digestion

Insomnia or irregular sleep patterns

Itchy eyes

Low attention span

Low back pain


Pain, swelling, lumps of any kind

Painful joints

Painful menstruation

Sensitive mouth or gums

Sensitivity to perfumes and chemicals

Shortness of breath

Soft or brittle nails

Swollen abdomen

Varicose veins

Water retention

Look for Clues in Your #2

Do you ever look at what comes out of your body? The quantity and quality of your bowel movements is nature’s way of telling you the level of health that you are experiencing. Just as you need to monitor what goes in your mouth, stool investigation will give you valuable information regarding your the digestive tract. Your digestive tract is the “assembly line” for the food you eat. Your bowel movements can give you a clear picture as to whether the most important process of health is functioning properly. Not sure what your stool should look like? Check out the Bristol Stool Chart.

Learning what to look for in your bowel movements can prevent future illness and suffering. We have been taught to feel embarrassed about talking, or even thinking, about our bowel movements. Get over it! Do not let this restrain you from obtaining and maintaining your vibrant health. The large intestine is the sewerage system of the body. Mismanagement of the large intestine will only cause the digestive tract to become a toxic.

Stool Investigation: What Are the Warning Signs?

If you have any of these warning signs in your bowel movements, you must take action. These are a physical indication that things are not well in your digestive tract. An unwell digestive system can be the start to bigger health problems. Left undiagnosed, these problems can lead to chronic disease, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many more.

  • Blood of any color in your stool – bright red, dark red, blackish red, or totally black
  • Stool that is yellow, orange, olive blue, slate gray, very dark brown, or black
  • Offensive smelling stool (stool shouldn’t smell like roses, but highly pungent stool can be the sign of a digestive issue)
  • Hard stool that sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl and/or marks the bowl
  • Flat “eel-like” stool
  • Stool with many small bead-like bubbles
  • Slimy stool that appears to have mucous in it
  • Bowel movements that require plenty of effort on your part to excrete
  • Less than one complete bowel movement every day

If you regularly experience any of the issues mentioned in this blog, or something similar, I urge you to book a checkup with a healthcare practitioner. It may be nothing, which would be great news, but don’t ignore it and wait for it to pass. If you rely on pain relievers, antacids, laxatives or something similar to get through a day, realize you are trying to treat the symptoms of an underlying issue that, if left untreated, can get worse. Get checked out, address the root cause and get your well-being back.

dr-eric-bakker-150x150About the Author: Eric Bakker B.H.Sc. (Comp.Med), N.D, R.Hom. is a highly experienced naturopathic physician who has been in clinical practice for 27 years. Eric is passionate about improving people’s lives through proven wellness and lifestyle principles, natural medicine practice as well as public and professional practitioner education. Eric specializes in candida, psoriasis, as well as adrenal fatigue, thyroid and digestive disorders. Dr. Bakker has written one of the most comprehensive books on yeast infections called Candida Crusher. He has also written what may well be the most comprehensive Natural Psoriasis Treatment Program available. You can find more articles by Dr. Bakker on his blog at

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  • Robyn says:

    I am 72 and afflicted with hi cortisol and fatigue caused by HPA axis dyregulation….feel.sick and nauseous and depressed most of the time, and supplements arent working. Do you think there is hope for me?

    • Adrenal Fatigue Team says:

      Hi Robyn,

      I would say so. Are you working with a healthcare practitioner on these issues? We may be able to refer you to someone if you’re interested.

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