Immune Health

Acute stress temporarily enhances the front line immune defenses that help protect you from infection due to injuries like bites or scratches received in “fight or flight” – but suppresses all other immune activity. During the stress response, your energy and resources are focused on escaping the immediate stressor – not on dealing with less immediate threats like the flu virus or cancer cells. Chronic stress – the type most people experience these days – suppresses immune function overall, as does adrenal fatigue.

This means that with both a stressful lifestyle and/or adrenal fatigue, you may be more susceptible to whatever is going around, take longer to bounce back, and over time may become more prone to allergies and vulnerable to more serious health problems related to lowered or imbalanced immune function.

Immune Essentials provides vitamins and minerals needed for immune function.* Choose Nat-Stim, BFF or Super Immune Space Sprinkles as a daily supplement designed to fortify the immune defenses that keep you well.* Use Body-Guard temporarily and only as needed to enhance those defenses.* Vitamin C is essential for proper immune function and Adrenal C Formula works well in conjunction with the other immune support products.*

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