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The Adrenal Glands and The Flu


October 30, 2009 | Published by

It is important to protect the adrenal glands as they are one of the key responders to flu and are important in the body’s response and recovery. The main purpose of your adrenals is to enable your body to deal with stress from every possible source, ranging from injury and disease to work and relationship problems. Your propensity to develop certain kinds of diseases and your ability to respond to chronic illness is influenced significantly by the adrenal glands.

During the severe flu epidemic of 1918 that killed an estimated 50-100 million worldwide, 103 of 126 autopsies revealed that the adrenals had been severely affected. In fact, it was postulated that the reason for death may have been adrenal exhaustion rather than the pathogen itself. In another study from the same epidemic, people taking adrenal extracts fare much better through the course of the disease than those who did not.

Additional Measures

Additional measures that help protect against infectious disease include following the usual precautions of washing hands after handling money or shaking hands, and avoiding people who have the flue or are likely carriers of infection.

If someone in the family has the flu, it is especially important to:

  • Wash your hands after contact
  • Wash all dishes using chlorine bleach (one tablespoon per gallon) in very hot water or the sanitize cycle on the dish washer
  • Use separate towels and keep the sick person away from other family members when at all possible

The most common ways to spread infectious disease, besides sneezing and coughing in close proximity, is through commom:

  • Handling of telephone,
  • Remote controls,
  • Doorknobs, and
  • Bathroom sink handles

These should be disinfected daily during this time, especially if they are shared.

When traveling, it can really make a difference to:

  • Take along moist sterilizing pads
  • Wipe down the above items in the hotel room with the sterilizing pads
  • Wear a mask while in flight

Supporting and strengthening adrenal function and your immune system is a good idea, especially if adrenal fatigue or other related health concerns are present.

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  • Debbie says:

    I have a question, if you are willing or able to answer it for me, Sir. I read the book “Hashimotos: The Root Cause” and placed myself on the Autoimmune Protocal. Under the guidance of a Naturepathic Doctor, I gradually went off my Synthroid which I’d been on for nearly 35 years. !!! I was off Synthroid for approx. 3 months and then went for a blood test, finding my TSH was at 33. Needless to say, I am not back on the Synthroid. I now (a few months later) have the flu. I have not thrown up and it is not severe, just stubborn. I am wondering if what I have is not the flu and it may be adrenal issues again. I quit my job 11 years ago due to very severe adrenal exhaustion. I was in extremely rough shape. I can only afford to go to the Naturepathic doctor so many times and my medical doctor power trips with me. She is against all ‘natural medicine’. If you can offer me a few suggestiions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Adrenal Fatigue Team says:

      Hi Debbie,

      It would be hard for us to say if you’re dealing with a flue or other illness, or adrenal fatigue. The longevity of your illness could certainly be a big factor. If you’re sick for a short while and feel relatively fine after, chances are you were just sick. However, it is possible to come down with an illness and still be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Have you taken a cortisol salivary test? That would be one way to measure your adrenal output to see if there is perhaps an issue there. You could also take Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue questionnaire, which you can find here:
      We hope this helps! If you have any other questions you can reply here or write us at Thank you for writing!

  • Debbie says:

    Correction: I meant to say “I am NOW back on Synthroid.” lol

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