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Thoughts for Stepping Into a Healthy New Year with Adrenal Fatigue


January 1, 2010 | Published by

Dr. James L. WilsonLooking forward to the New Year with optimism doesn’t always come easy for those with adrenal fatigue. In the midst of the holiday’s social gatherings, late nights, rich food, and magnified financial considerations, stress can affect even the heartiest person. Everyone has a different capacity to handle stress, and that capacity varies over time and events. Adrenal fatigue occurs when the amount of stress overextends the body’s capacity to cope with and recover from it. In addition to the usual stresses of this season, the twists and turns of one of history’s greatest economic storms has hit many people hard, ending 2009 with an overwhelming stress load for adrenals to handle.

Despite how burned out you might feel right now, I want to assure you that the new year can be better; that the past doesn’t necessarily equal the future. It IS possible to recover from the debilitating symptoms of adrenal fatigue – with some knowledge, the right tools, and a commitment to feeling good again. Even in adrenal fatigue, the body is still wonderful, beautiful and incredibly wise. We may not able to change outside events or society, but we can learn to use better judgment when it comes to taking care of ourselves and to respond to stress in healthier ways.

As a New Year and a new decade begin, it is an opportune time to review – and renew – your life, to realize how important health is in the overall scheme of your life and to make your own health a top priority. Honestly ask yourself: “How much would I sell or trade my health for? How hard would I work if I could earn good health?” One of the few saving graces about adrenal fatigue is that you can do most of what is necessary to recover and regain your adrenal health, yourself. Being in charge of your life is important for adrenal health; researchers have found from earlier scientific experiments that rendering an animal helpless is one of the most rapid ways to deplete its adrenals. Putting yourself in charge your health does not mean doing it all yourself, however. Solicit the help of anyone or anything that will lead to your healthy recovery – as long as you retain control of your own recovery program.

Taking your health into your own hands is very empowering but not without its challenges. There are no magic pills for adrenal fatigue. It takes time and dedication to embark on a recovery program, but there are certainly key lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements that will greatly facilitate your recovery. What you eat and drink, the thoughts you feed your mind, the beliefs you base your life on, the attitudes that guide your choices, the people you spend time with and the way you spend your time all have a potent influence on your health.

The precise, comprehensive program I developed to address all of these different aspects of adrenal health and stress has been gratifyingly successful at empowering many people to effectively help themselves. I hope you find the following D-E-S-T-R-E-S-S acronym useful as a guideline for starting the new year with a fresh outlook and a positive frame of mind, making 2010 your time for establishing adrenal health and attaining greater happiness and health:

  • Define who and what are important in your life and Decide to live accordingly.
  • Energize yourself with foods that nourish, and Exercise to increase circulation, optimize function and eliminate toxins.
  • Support your body with dietary Supplements designed specifically to help compensate for the effects of stress on your body and supply nutrients used up during stress.
  • Take Time to breathe deeply and fully, to find a moment of calm, and to enjoy something each day.
  • Reframe events that stress you in order to Release yourself from paralysis so you can discover what you can do, and how you can benefit from these events or turn them to your advantage.
  • Eliminate energy robbers and health drains, and Establish clear boundaries.
  • Sleep to give your body a chance to recharge and heal, and your mind a few moments of Silent Solace each day so you are refreshed and ready to take effective action.
  • Smile and See the Soul-fullness in your life. The physical action of smiling changes how you feel inside, which changes how you behave and how your body reacts.

Yours in health,

Dr. James L. Wilson

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